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Shopping in the heart of Ellesmere Port


Since the first day of opening in 1991, the Port Arcades has been wholeheartedly committed to the community of Ellesmere Port. We have consistently offered active support to charitable and voluntary groups within the area with opportunities to make collections or hold displays in the Centre. In addition, goods and services are made available when possible for the support of those who work hard for the community.

If you are seeking temporary space within the Centre for charitable or local community activities, please contact Michelle on 0151 357 2118 for further information and, if possible and appropriate, the Centre will try to accommodate your organisation. All charitable cash collections that take place in the town centre are separately licensed by the local authority and we will be able to advise further on this when making your enquiry.

To enquire about bookings of mall space for commercial activities or awareness campaigns, please follow the link on the Commercialisation page.

Please note that the Port Arcades is a Centre for shopping and as such a non political entity. Regrettably we do not offer promotional or display opportunities to political parties or for activities where there is either a political or campaign group element. Any management decision in respect of accepting charitable or community bookings is final.